Are You Living A Prefab Life In A Prefab World?

As a Christian Woman ask Yourself the question, “Am I living a Prefab Life in a Prefab World?”

What is a Prefab Life? Anything that is prefab has been:

  • produced artificially
  • quickly assembled
  • constructed in sections at a factory at the least possible cost
  • tested to meet the minimal standard test, but does not pass the enduring test of time

Women who live Prefab Lives often do not realize they have been constructing a life in parts, taken from others. These women know they are being observed by those around them so they quickly assemble a life that outwardly meets and passes the minimal standard test but inwardly is unfulfilling.

As a Christian woman, the Spirit invites You into a Life of Adventure where an Authentic, Real, ‘One-of-a-Kind’ Woman is Produced. You are no longer building by the standards of those around you but you are Living/Building a Life that will allow you to Finish Well.  

To Live/Build this Authentic Life requires:

  • sacrifice
  • work
  • change
  • and it costs 

You Can’t Buy It, You Must Live It! 

You Can’t Assemble It, You Must Build It!